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April 2nd, 2019 • Posted by Lupe Guthrie • Permalink

The use of a refined extract of Abelmoschus esculentus (aka Hibiscus esculentus), commonly known as okra, for your eyes and face in its products. ZocuShield® are not artificial tear substitutes since "dry eye" is rarely caused by a lack of tears.

The term “dry eye” is a misnomer. More than 85% of "dry eyes" are actually caused by problems on the eyelid margin. It’s actually the dirt, debris, and oil residue along the edge of your eyelids which can cause your eyes to feel dry, itchy, or scratchy. Each blink brings more and more unnatural components onto the tear film that coats the eye. This can cause the eye to look red and tired.


Artificial tears target the wrong problem and provide very temporary relief that last seconds to minutes. Zocular products are not artificial tear substitutes and work better and longer than other eyelid hygiene products. Zocular products are not drugs like antibiotics or steroids that can cause serious side effects.




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